Layer Slider and Revolution Slider : A brief comparison

Modern Web Designs are not complete without at least a single creative slider. The power of showcasing and convey information in the slideshows are incredible without any doubt. That is why choosing a proper slider is one of the most important task in web design.

Thankfully in wordpress, the strength of the plugins flows in the slider world too.  There are two beautiful slider plugin available currently , Revolution slider plugin and Layer slider plugin.  Revolution slider is developed by Theme punch and it is currently powering over 4 million websites. One can design robust, customizable and  creative sliders with revolution slider. Most of all, it has a visual drag and drop builder, that makes it easy to use for anyone.

Revolution Slider has great many features like Timeline control, Responsive nature, 3D movement and 3D parallax effects.Add all sorts of multimedia content, from videos to regular images, posts and social media. Customise your navigation arrows, bullets, tabs and thumbnails. Do all this with the peace of mind that this plugin will do everything it can to optimise your web performance through the use of lazy loaders, seo options and advanced debugging options!

The other one is layer slider, another fantastic slider plugin. LayerSlider was released back in 2012, so as you can imagine, they have had many years to perfect this Add-on. With a growing FAQ database and an experienced support team working day and night, you couldn’t go wrong. Easily construct modern and mobile-friendly slideshows and presentations for your website

LayerSlider ver 6 has introduced a new animation engine with stunning effects. With over 200 pre-defined transitions, including Ken Burns Effect, hover, loop, play by scroll, layer masks, color animations and many more. The easy editor makes these effects easy to apply and takes the hard work and time out of beautiful slides. The LayerSlider editor is smart and intuitive drag & drop builder focused on a easy user experience and usability. It was great to read that the image editor is actually powered by Adobe Creative Cloud! If you have a block on creativity, access the premium slider templates. You can load them in seconds, and easily edit the text and images to suit your project. You will save a lot of time and have something that looks professional, sleek and eye-catching. If you have WordPress Posts and articles, easily load them into your slider as dynamic content.

This plugin works well with page optimization, using a range of SEO, browser compatibility and image quality. It also comes with standard responsive features, allowing your slider to show properly on all devices including mobiles