Importing Demo Content

The most difficult part of a WordPress theme is importing the demo content. From the customer point of view they always expect that the exact demo of the theme will appear immediately after installing the theme. If the customer having some knowledge on the WordPress theme installation, they can easily setup a theme with a minimal instructions. Also theme should have a proper guideline to setup the exact demos.

Current Premium themes are providing Demo Importer plugin which allows to import the specific Demo to the customer site. Also there are many themes providing same Importer Options in Theme Option panel.

The Conventional process is still better options for few. The conventional process is to install the WordPress Importer plugin and import the demo content using this. The premium themes are providing the contents in full or part for the customers. Also the slider files are separated to import if needed. Widget Import & Theme Options files are also the part of demo content in these themes.

Customers are just requested to import using the Demo Importer or Manual process to setup the exact demo which he/she liked for the theme.

Now the problem occurs when it not happen as expected, most of the cases blames goes to the theme. The common problem which actually occurs during the process of Demo Import.

  • Upload file size : the size for demo import exceed the maximum file upload size, which by default set to 2MB. It can be modified by editing php.ini. It can be modified writing some piece of code in wp-config.php or using any plugins.
  • Execution Time : the default execution time is set to 30 Seconds whereas this can also modified easily.

Now the solutions is to check the above mentioned variables are set to the maximum values. Also check the Theme minimum required plugins are installed or not. After checking those points Demo Importer can be used once to check whether everything importing or not. Otherwise the manual process is the best way to import the demo content.