Gutenberg and Other Page builders

We have already discussed about the Page Builder and the impact of it into the WordPress. In this article we will discuss on Gutenberg page builder and the effect to other page builders.

Most of the page builders are used to create the pages and to organize the page contents. Most of the page builders have set of predefined elements or blocks that helps to building the page structures according to designs.

In past few years, there are no.of successful Page Builders has been introduced to the market:

Divi Builder, Visual Composer , Page Builder by SiteOrigin, CornerStone, Themify Builder, and Thrive are just some of the the most popular. There are millions of sites has been built using above page builders. Many themes like Avada has build their own Fusion Page Builder.

Gutenberg, which primarily introduced as a plugin later on integrated into the WordPress as a core from WordPress 5.0. Most of the people agreed that most of the Page Builders will stick around for a while, after Gutenberg will be released. Because Gutenberg aren’t able compete with the current features it have.

In my opinion there are major 4 points in particular:

  1. Gutenberg will be automatically installed on millions of websites when WP 5.0 will be released. Even all the updates will do the same to the millions of the site.
  2. There are countless Open Source developers ready to contribute to Gutenberg success (and get their share of the pie).
  3. Plugin developers will integrate their plugins with Gutenberg, while no one really did the same for other Page Builders.
  4. Theme developers will create Gutenberg based themes. [ ]

When Matt Mullenweg announced Gutenberg and the first BETA release, the community reacted very annoyingly.

  1. Some of the users don’t want to interact with a new interface and new ways to do things.
  2. Some developers don’t want to learn ReactJS / JavaScript in general.

Out of 200,000+ active installs of the Gutenberg BETA plugin, around 3000+ users submitted a review so far and half of them rated it 1 star.

Development work in progress for  Gutenberg, and it will be improved day by day.

Gutenberg, while still in BETA, is already growing faster in terms of features, than any commercial page builder ever did.  Every new things brings a lot of improvements. It won’t take long before it will become as good as any other popular page builder.

Some of the best developers of this community are working on Gutenberg. Several Gutenberg plugins have been released already and new plugins are added to the WordPress plugin repository daily. Even many Anti Gutenberg plugin also released in market to disable it.

Elements of Gutenberg is called as blocks which can be create easily using the React and PHP combination few of the popular boilerplate

1 year after the official release of WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg will have hundreds if not thousands of extensions built by the developers. Few will be good, some will be really worst. Few will be free and few will be premium.